Found 3 furnished apartments in Regina

Executive Suite
  • Deveraux - LR3
  • Deveraux - LR
  • Deveraux - DR2
  • Deveraux - bedroom

2313 Montreal Street, Regina

2 Bedrooms from $135.00 Per Night

Executive Suite
  • Leader - LR
  • 401 Leader Dining/Kitchen
  • Leader - DR
  • Leader - Kit

1853 Hamilton Street, Regina

1 Bedrooms from $125.00 Per Night

Executive Suite
  • Bellagio - LR DR
  • Bellagio - Foyer 3
  • Bellagio - Kitchen 2
  • Bellagio - LR DR 2
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1220 Blackfoot Drive, Regina

1 Bedrooms from $125.00 Per Night

2 bedrooms available

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Premiere Suites is Canada's largest provider of fully furnished executive rentals, short term rentals, and month to month rentals, boasting several exquisitely furnished, serviced apartments, furnished townhomes, and condo rentals located in the heart of Regina - where you’ll discover what it means to travel while honoring your lifestyle and your budget. Whether you’re looking to learn more about month to month rentals in Regina, or looking for short term rentals in Regina or serviced apartments in Regina - our team of dedicated community experts are here to determine the fully furnished executive rentals, the short term rentals in Regina and the serviced apartments or townhomes in Regina, that best suit your needs, your preferences, and your budget. Get in touch today and learn more about our short term rentals in Regina as well as our portfolio of executive rentals and serviced apartments and townhomes in Regina.